Everything we do,
We do for health

About us

We specialize in gynecology, ophthalmology and surgery

We have operated as a Polish pharmaceutical company since 2006. Our business model has been based largely on cooperation with medical doctors. Our portfolio contains professional products in selected therapeutic areas, which are the result of combining our knowledge and experience with medical practice.

Close cooperation with scientific circles enables us to create innovative therapeutic solutions.


We provide advanced marketing pharmaceutical products

The effect and benefits of our products are based on scientific trials and medical Evidence Based Medicine. Taking care of the most effective solutions, we help medical doctors fulfill their vocation and patients choose the most valuable products.

We are responsible

While offering secure solutions, the best from the point of view of the patient, we are guided by ethical principles while always being a reliable and trustworthy partner.

We undertake a number of educational activites which not only build social trust, but most importantly improve the health and well-being of the whole family.


Pregnancy and child care

Modern preparations containing carefully selected composition of nutritients, vitamins and minerals.

Pregna VomiPregna DHAPregna PlusPregna Start

Intimate comfort

Innovative products developed to offer intimate comfort to women in Poland.

Trivagin bacteriaOVARINTrivagin gelMucovagin physiological emulsionMucovagin GelMucovagin globules

Treatment of wounds and scars

Innovative products for comprehensive care of the wound and scar - cleansing, creating the right environment for healing and healing wounds and all types of scars.

Sutricon scarSutricon gel