Treatment of wounds and scars

Sutricon silicone scar treatment sheets

Medical device

Product information

Innovative silicon sheets – SUTRICON – are intended for use in the treatment of all types of scars. Thanks to their unique structure, they are remarkably easy to use; and their effectiveness has been proven in numerous clinical studies.


Intended for use:

  • in the treatment of various types of scars: surgical, burn, caesarean section, post-traumatic
  • for prevention of overgrowth of scars
  • in reducing the visibility of scars fresh and ripe (created as long as even 10 years ago)
  • for children (as early as 6 months of age) and adults

How it works

Sutricon silicone scar treatment sheets effectively improve appearance and flexibility of the scars. Thanks to their innovative structure comprising silica gel, they have similar properties  to those of normal human skin (in terms of flexibility, oxygen permeability and retarding the loss of moisture), which makes them reduce discomfort such as pain and itching of the skin as well as decreasing feeling of the skin pulling[1][2].

Product advantages:

  • Recommended by the International Panel of Experts in Scar Treatment; effectiveness has been confirmed by numerous clinical studies
  • Convenient to use – it does not get dirty; unlike the ointment, the sheet does not need to be applied repeatedly during the day
  • Sheets are ultra-thin (0.25mm) and transparent, which provides exceptional discretion
  • Thanks to its flexibility, the product adapts to the anatomical shape of the body
  • Sheets are perfectly adhesive, thanks that they can be used repeatedly
  • It is safe to use even for people with allergies, and it can be applied onto all areas of the skin, including sensitive ones.


Silicone Gel 200g / sqm, flexible polyurethane mesh with a thickness of just 50 µm

Instructions for use and the contents

Sutricon silicone scar treatment sheets can be used immediately after removing sutures or after wound closure. The wound should be cleaned and dried before use. In order to fit the size of the sheet to the surface of the scar, it is possible to trim it in any way. The sheet should be changed approximately every 3-5 days; however, the best results are achieved by replacing the sheet every 24 hours.

Packaging: 5 silicone gel sheets of 5 cm x 30 cm size to individual adjustment (trimming) to the surface of the scar.

Depending on the size of the scar, one pack is enough for approximately a month of treatment, in the case of a large scar, for example after caesarean section; in the case of smaller scars for a much longer period.

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[2] A controlled clinical trial of topical silicone Gel sheeting in the treatment of hypertrophic scars and keloids. A dermatologic experience. Gold MH. J Dermatol Surg Oncol. 1993 Oct; 19(10:912-6).

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