Dexoftyal MD moisturizing and nourishing eye drops contains 2% dexpanthenol and 0,5% Hydraflex

Medical device

Product information

Dexoftyal MD contains sterile, sticky, clear, moisturizing and nourishing eye drops based on provitamin B5. Dexoftyal MD assists and supports regeneration processes of the cornea of the eye. Thanks to the properties of the Hydraflex mucoadhesive component, it keeps a tear film on the surface of the eye and provides adequate protection.


Intended for use for eyes hydration and regeneration. In case of irritation and burning of eyes and feeling of fatigue caused by:

  • usage of contact lenses
  • long looking at computer or long vehicle driving
  • air conditioning, wind, air pollution, water in a swimming pool etc.

How it works

Dexoftyal MD nourishing and moisturizing eye drops contain provitamin B5 and HydraFlex.

The ingredient pro-vitamin B5 promotes and supports the self-regenerating properties of the cornea. Thanks to the muco-adhesive power of HydraFlexu the tear film is preserved, so that the eye is protected better.

Dexoftyal MD ensure protection against symptoms of dryness, fatigue and irritate of eyes. After applying a few drops, there is significant reduction in discomfort associated with irritation of the eye surface.

Product advantages

  • Double mechanism of action – moisturizing and regeneration
  • Due to excellent tolerance, it can be used without special restrictions


Active ingredients:

  • Dexpanthenol 2%
  • Hydraflex ™ 0.5%
  • Polyhexanide 0.001%

The product does not contain ingredients of animal origin

Instructions and the contents

Eye drops can be used in two ways: directly to the eye or through contact lenses.

Multidose container - 15 ml bottle

Medical device

Dexoftyal MD