Mucovagin Gel

Medical device

Product information

Mucovagin Gel contains low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid. Mucovagin supports healing processes and regeneration of the vaginal mucosa. It is recommended especially in the states of vaginal atrophy and dystrophy. It facilitates treatment and wound healing after childbirth and gynaecological surgery. It soothes inflammation and reduces the discomfort caused by dryness of the vaginal mucosa during menopause. Gel form allows for dual application: vaginal and onto external intimate parts.


Intended for use:

  • in moisturizing the mucosa and supporting regeneration of the vagina and external surroundings of the vagina
  • as intensive moisturizing lubricant that improves intimate contacts
  • as a simpler form of application, e.g. following cancer treatment
  • as a postpartum gel, facilitating treatment and proper healing during the postpartum period

How it works

Hyaluronic acid, which is a natural building block of the human body, is an active ingredient of the Mucovagin Gel. Binding to moist mucous secretions of the vagina, the hyaluronic acid forms a gel coating on its surface. It constitutes a protective barrier caring for mucous membrane and creates appropriate conditions for activation of natural regeneration and defence mechanisms. In this manner, the protective film prevents the growth of pathogenic flora, restores natural moisture, facilitates, and speeds up healing processes.

Product advantages

  • Low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid
  • Dual usage: vaginally and externally
  • Wide range of application in every age


Low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid.

Does not contain hormones, parabens, oils, herbal extracts and fragrances

Instructions for use and the contents

Mucovagin Gel should be used internally, topically into the vagina, or externally onto the genital area. Before and after use wash your hands thoroughly.


Mucovagin Gel is applied internally in the supine position, by means of the applicator attached to the package, which enables to use appropriate amount of the gel.


Apply a small amount of the product (the contents of the applicator) in the vicinity of the external genitalia.

Packaging: 25 g + 7 disposable applicators.

Mucovagin Gel